Monday, May 7, 2007

Byron Bay

This weekend, a group of 6 of us (Julia, Dan, David, Chris, Sean, and I) rented an SUV and drove up the East Coast for about 8 hours to Byron Bay. The drive was pretty long, but it was well worth it. Byron Bay is an awesome little surfing town, and is aparently THE place to surf in the winter because its the most northern (warmest) spot where the surf isn't blocked by the Great Barrier Reef. The surf was pretty flat while we were there, but supposedly the swell was down everywhere...oh well. Thursday night, we went to the Northern Hotel for a beer and were pleasantly surprised to find a pretty good live band. The band finished up around midnight and everyone pretty much crashed after the long car ride.

The crew at the Northern

These parrots were swarming all over Byron Bay, I felt like I was in a zoo.

Friday was very relaxing and we pretty much just spent the day on the beach hangin' out. We ate dinner at a great sushi place that actually had a little sushi train like they have in Japan. That night we went out to a bar called Cheeky Monkey and had a great time. This was the first Australian bar I have been to that did not insist on playing only techno music, and I was very relieved to hear some normal music that wasn't created with synthesizers by some no name dj. Cheeky Monkey was sort of the backpacker hangout, and I got to meet some other Americans, some English, and some Australians.

Great sunset Friday afternoon.

Some awesome sushi, the dragon roll actually looks like a dragon!

Saturday morning, we slept in until we had to leave the motel at 10. We found some brekkie and walked around Byron Bay to the lighthouse and other beaches. We eventually hit the road south to find somewhere to stay on the way home, but we ended up driving all the way back to Newcastle, because the car had to back by 11 the next morning. We did stop in a cool little fishing town called Coff's Harbour for some fish and chips on the way home.

Byron Bay Beach

Byron Bay lighthouse

View from the lighthouse

The most easterly point of the Australian Mainland

Byron Bay was a great trip and the atmosphere of the area is very unique. The culture is a mix of surfing style, artsy/hippy people, and a tourist town and you kinda feel like you should be in a surfing movie or something.

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