Monday, February 19, 2007

Classes Starting

Alright, so the reality of school is starting to set in. I had class at 9 am this morning and it wasn't fun. One good thing is that the classes I'm taking are fairly easy, so they won't be too stressful. My roomates and I are starting to plan out some trips, including the ocean highway to melbourne, the gold coast and frasier island, and spring break in new zealand and/or fiji. Just thinking about these trips is making me really excited about the next 5 months...I can't wait to get on the road.

I joined the mountaineering club at the University today, and it sounds like a great opportunity to take some great hikes/climbs/paddles/etc.

One crazy thing about Australia is they basically speak a different language...half the time I can't even understand what they're saying and its really frustrating. Some slang that I've heard...

torch - flashlight
no worries - your welcome
blower - phone
parro - really drunk
Uni - university
breakie - breakfast
mackers - mcdonalds
sunnies - sunglasses
mate - friend (in just about every sentence)

The list is pretty much endless, and they don't just use these words some of the time, they say 'em every time...its crazy.

Life is good, and I'm loving this beautiful place, but I'm missing home, and everyone there and I can't wait to see y'all!

I keep forgetting to bring my camera to campus...but pictures are coming, I promise.


Teri said...

Hello Philip,
I am eating dinner with you family. Every thing sounds wonderful!!!!!!! Please enjoy the beach for me. I want to know how many times you have been the really drunk word. I think i like that word better than really drunk. Miss you hope you are having a wonderfful time!
Love ya, Teri

Marianna said...

Jealous that you are having fun and living easy. I am glad that you are living with some boys from Carolina - maybe they will teach you how to be cool. I will keep my fingers crossed.
- Marianna